Why partnership agreement is important

Partnership agreement is a written document and a valuable tool for regular business deals. It is very important for people who are getting involved with others in a business ventures. In many cases without partnership agreement there can be serious consequences. This kind of document represents a voluntary contract between two or more persons. That is how partners can enter into business relations among one another and they carry out the profits and losses among themselves as agreed in the document.

Partnership agreements usually involve a lot of issues, focusing on management, finances, selling and representing a product in front of prospective clients. In general, agreements cover duties of partners, salaries and others. The general role of such agreement is that each partner is entitled to assets of partnership sold, and the proceeds of sale. Usually partnership begins as a small expend and grows through the years with annual reviews. The partnership agreement should be approved and signed by all the parties. First of all, it has to begin with name addresses and to point towards the business it is related to.

By making a written partnership agreement you can spell out how the partners will operate. Usually it is assumed that all partners will share control of the business equally. Any of the parties will have equal authority to obligate the business. On the other side, if one partner will work and other does not, the agreement can indicate the salaries they should receive. In this document also can be written how will vote each side – equal or not and what is the degree of his responsibility.

Many people think that having such agreement is not essential, but in fact it is not like that. It is a very widespread practice to ensure business rights. Starting deals with others or involving a new partner can take your business up or down the way you never knew possible. That is why it is very important to have written down a partnership agreement. It will help you to alleviate some potential risks. If someone wants to move on or things are not going as you planned them, how will you deal if you do not have a written agreement?

Your business will have a logical structure if you write it down in an agreement. Writing down such agreement, the partners agree to put all their capital, labor and skills towards achieving big gains from involving into partnership.

Partnership agreement helps the parties to set up their goals and to collaborate together. Partnership agreement specifies the foundations on which to begin working together.

The document can be voluntary dissolved at any time with the consent of the parties.

Using a partnership agreement to formalize the relations with your partners save you time, because it allows the parties to agree on how they will handle different points of the business.

You should never enter into a business partnership with someone without a formally drawn up partnership agreement. It is recommended that people have partnership agreements drawn up by lawyers who can explain the importance and the issues of the document in details.



Computer Email and Internet Policy

Each day brings about yet another computer technology which makes our life easier. Businesses have learnt how to grow and expand, but it is because of technology that they manage to do that so well and so fast. Word processing, email, and managing large amount of data are just few of the benefits that come with a today’s technology-driven business environment. Few companies probably exist without the use of technology. Depending on your business, internet technology can help you grow your business and find new alternatives. Social media websites like Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter are used by many companies to communicate with people.  Blogging by internal experts is becoming more and more popular for establishing a reputation among the community in an area of your choice. Even the company directors are completely aware of the benefits brought by all technology means.

However, there are also the negative sides of the technology revolution. There are people in companies who pointlessly surf the net, write personal blogs, and just generally waste the potential of the company’s technology resources. The question on whether or not to prohibit social networking on the workplace is subject to each company. You will have to determine how much, if not at all, you want to restrict the access of social websites. It is argued that sometimes overuse of computers can grow into sexual harassment on the workplace. For example, sexual explicit pictures on websites can lead to a complaint for sexual harassment, which will hurt not only the employee, but also the employers. As one, you must make sure that there your employees are restricted of using social networking at the workplace. Even better, you must establish guidelines for the employees to follow if you decide to grand them the freedom to access social media websites while at work. Internet and email policy are beneficial for the employers and they are not something to be taken lightly. Guidelines about these policies should focus on the following issues: personal blogging/networking while working, using the company logo on personal websites, making negative comments about company/customers, and jeopardizing the company’s reputation. Additionally, you might also prefer to establish a computer use policy which will guide employees when it will be appropriate for them to use company computers for personal needs and under what circumstances. Most importantly, this policy must state that it is prohibited to display images that can be interpreted as harassing or discriminatory. Employees must also be informed of the consequences they will face if they fail to confront with the computer, Internet and email policy.

In case of any problems, with the policies mentioned above, you can defend your company from law suits related to employees and also avoid expensive litigation. Technology can be a powerful tool for your company. However, if you do not take the necessary precautions and fail not to establish a computer email and internet policy, you will be faced with many problems. Some of those problems may turn out to be dangerous and even fatal for the company’s survival.

Health and Safety Policy in the UK is a must

Your employer should be concerned about your health as much as you

Everyone knows that health is a very serious issue and every person should do their best to preserve their health. Your health is important for you but it is also very important for any good employer as they need you healthy so that you can perform your duties. In order to do that, many laws have been passed which oblige the employers to provide secure work conditions and if they do not, there are serious fines.

It is not a secret that some jobs involve more risks than others and that sometimes, security equipment is very expensive. This is very true for different industries, especially for chemical factories and nuclear power plants. However, that does not mean that they will not buy this equipment and expose their employees to a higher risk. There are laws that regulate that so that “bad” employees who put short-term profitability over the health of their employees are severely punished. Unfortunately, such companies still exist but health and safety policy in the UK has improved much in the last decades so if the employees report such people on time, they will be prosecuted. Do not hesitate to report such employers – your health is much more important than the profit of the company. If it were not, slavery would have not been abolished.

It is logical that health is very important for the businesses – absenteeism at work is much lower for people in good health than that of people who often get sick. And to hire and train new people is not only expensive and time-consuming but also decreases productivity. Healthy people are more productive, especially when we refer to manual labor that requires physical activities. Healthy people are more energetic, have fewer mood swings, have better stamina and better attention span. All these are very important factors for many jobs and good employers do everything to keep their employees in good health. Some of them even have recreation programs which contribute to better health.

Some even go a bit further. Few top paid employees are so precious that they have clauses in their contracts which forbid them to participate in activities which can endanger their health. There are more and more employees who are not allowed to play hockey, para glide, climb, scuba dive, go hunting, etc. As this used to be the norm for athletes and many top sport personalities have been penalized in the past for breaching these rules, there are companies that started doing that for their top employees, as well.

To sum up, we must say that not only the employer and the government is responsible for your health, it is your duty in first place. If you think that the work safety can be improved, share your ideas with your employer. Very often, they will be willing to accept them and you will protect not only you but also your colleagues, this is the importance of the health and safety policy. Together with it, people often discuss the no-smoking policy in the UK, which is also very interesting!

Why You Should Report On the Job Injuries and Accidents

Be sure to report injuries and accidents

First, bear in mind that accidents happen for a reason. If this reason can be removed, then, it is more likely that such accidents will not happen in the future.  Many new devices have been developed as safety features. A few examples are seat belts, safety ropes, helmets. It does not to have to be something sophisticated but it has to have a preventive function. In most cases, such “inventions” came after someone was injured. For example, cyclists did not have to wear helmets in the past and accidents were far more frequent. So report the accident – you might not experience it again in your life but if a solution is found, many other people will avoid the very same or even similar accidents without any injuries.Nowadays, you can find legal document templates online, which can be very helpful in reporting the accident, such as accident report packs, which contain everything, necessary to claim the accident.

Another problem is that if you do NOT report injuries and accidents, there would be always employers who might put profitability of the company ahead of the security of the employees. You do not think that your life is worth a few pounds more in someone else’s pocket, right? Certainly, security of employees must come first and they should not be exposed to risks. However, if employers see that they have no liability to provide secure conditions, some of them might decide that it would be better to have accidents and injuries and to replace people more often. Such attitude is not useful for you but it is also not useful for the society.

Another problem with accidents is that they sometimes do not leave visible injuries. For example, if you break your arm, there is no way that you will not feel the injury. However, if you have inhaled some gas or taken some poisonous substance by chance that can have long-lasting damage over your body. It can damage your lungs, your lever, etc. Be very careful with water accidents. If you have drowned but recovered and think that everything is fine, consult a doctor as your lungs might have contained water. Although when you are awake, this is not an issue, when you go to sleep you can have serious problems. So be careful with any accident and consult a doctor rather than accept that everything is fine. If you sustain an injury afterwards, it would be much harder to prove that it was due to the accident and not something else if you had not undergone an immediate medical examination.

In most cases, you have the legal right of compensation even if you do not know how to receive it. However, you most probably have an insurance against such cases and you should consult the insurer. After all, you will have to pay for treatment and you might not be able to go to work for some time due to the accident or injury and you need to be compensated for it. Such things happen more often than you could expect and most employers are prepared for that.

In order to prevent any problems with claiming accidents, make sure you read carefully through your employment contract (your apprentice contract). This can save you lots of trouble and resources.

Clauses to include in your Copyright License Agreement

It is better to have something in excess… than to lack an important clause in your copyright licence agreement

We would like to point out that there is no standard copyright license agreement. Since the term has been introduced a few centuries ago, it has evolved significantly. What is more important, with the advent of Internet and communication technologies, it has been changing very rapidly.

Now, do you wonder what to include in your copyright license agreement? Do you think a longer agreement is better than short one?  It is always better to follow our advice. If you are not sure whether to include a clause or not and you think that it might become important at some point of time, please include it! Trust your instincts, if you think that it is or might become important, it probably is important and you will eventually regret not including it. Moreover, you do not lose anything if you have a longer copyright license agreement.  In general, a good agreement is the one that serves the purposes which you would like it to have and protects you from illegal use of your original idea. There is no recipe – some copyright license agreements can be as long as 30 pages, others contain only a few sentences. Some will be in very plain language, while others can be in very specific technological language. However, there are several clauses which are logical to be included such as:

Preamble – a brief introduction outlining the agreement.
Definitions – any details with special meaning are mentioned and described here. Read the rest of this entry