Why You Should Report On the Job Injuries and Accidents

Be sure to report injuries and accidents

First, bear in mind that accidents happen for a reason. If this reason can be removed, then, it is more likely that such accidents will not happen in the future.  Many new devices have been developed as safety features. A few examples are seat belts, safety ropes, helmets. It does not to have to be something sophisticated but it has to have a preventive function. In most cases, such “inventions” came after someone was injured. For example, cyclists did not have to wear helmets in the past and accidents were far more frequent. So report the accident – you might not experience it again in your life but if a solution is found, many other people will avoid the very same or even similar accidents without any injuries.Nowadays, you can find legal document templates online, which can be very helpful in reporting the accident, such as accident report packs, which contain everything, necessary to claim the accident.

Another problem is that if you do NOT report injuries and accidents, there would be always employers who might put profitability of the company ahead of the security of the employees. You do not think that your life is worth a few pounds more in someone else’s pocket, right? Certainly, security of employees must come first and they should not be exposed to risks. However, if employers see that they have no liability to provide secure conditions, some of them might decide that it would be better to have accidents and injuries and to replace people more often. Such attitude is not useful for you but it is also not useful for the society.

Another problem with accidents is that they sometimes do not leave visible injuries. For example, if you break your arm, there is no way that you will not feel the injury. However, if you have inhaled some gas or taken some poisonous substance by chance that can have long-lasting damage over your body. It can damage your lungs, your lever, etc. Be very careful with water accidents. If you have drowned but recovered and think that everything is fine, consult a doctor as your lungs might have contained water. Although when you are awake, this is not an issue, when you go to sleep you can have serious problems. So be careful with any accident and consult a doctor rather than accept that everything is fine. If you sustain an injury afterwards, it would be much harder to prove that it was due to the accident and not something else if you had not undergone an immediate medical examination.

In most cases, you have the legal right of compensation even if you do not know how to receive it. However, you most probably have an insurance against such cases and you should consult the insurer. After all, you will have to pay for treatment and you might not be able to go to work for some time due to the accident or injury and you need to be compensated for it. Such things happen more often than you could expect and most employers are prepared for that.

In order to prevent any problems with claiming accidents, make sure you read carefully through your employment contract (your apprentice contract). This can save you lots of trouble and resources.


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