Health and Safety Policy in the UK is a must

Your employer should be concerned about your health as much as you

Everyone knows that health is a very serious issue and every person should do their best to preserve their health. Your health is important for you but it is also very important for any good employer as they need you healthy so that you can perform your duties. In order to do that, many laws have been passed which oblige the employers to provide secure work conditions and if they do not, there are serious fines.

It is not a secret that some jobs involve more risks than others and that sometimes, security equipment is very expensive. This is very true for different industries, especially for chemical factories and nuclear power plants. However, that does not mean that they will not buy this equipment and expose their employees to a higher risk. There are laws that regulate that so that “bad” employees who put short-term profitability over the health of their employees are severely punished. Unfortunately, such companies still exist but health and safety policy in the UK has improved much in the last decades so if the employees report such people on time, they will be prosecuted. Do not hesitate to report such employers – your health is much more important than the profit of the company. If it were not, slavery would have not been abolished.

It is logical that health is very important for the businesses – absenteeism at work is much lower for people in good health than that of people who often get sick. And to hire and train new people is not only expensive and time-consuming but also decreases productivity. Healthy people are more productive, especially when we refer to manual labor that requires physical activities. Healthy people are more energetic, have fewer mood swings, have better stamina and better attention span. All these are very important factors for many jobs and good employers do everything to keep their employees in good health. Some of them even have recreation programs which contribute to better health.

Some even go a bit further. Few top paid employees are so precious that they have clauses in their contracts which forbid them to participate in activities which can endanger their health. There are more and more employees who are not allowed to play hockey, para glide, climb, scuba dive, go hunting, etc. As this used to be the norm for athletes and many top sport personalities have been penalized in the past for breaching these rules, there are companies that started doing that for their top employees, as well.

To sum up, we must say that not only the employer and the government is responsible for your health, it is your duty in first place. If you think that the work safety can be improved, share your ideas with your employer. Very often, they will be willing to accept them and you will protect not only you but also your colleagues, this is the importance of the health and safety policy. Together with it, people often discuss the no-smoking policy in the UK, which is also very interesting!


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