Computer Email and Internet Policy

Each day brings about yet another computer technology which makes our life easier. Businesses have learnt how to grow and expand, but it is because of technology that they manage to do that so well and so fast. Word processing, email, and managing large amount of data are just few of the benefits that come with a today’s technology-driven business environment. Few companies probably exist without the use of technology. Depending on your business, internet technology can help you grow your business and find new alternatives. Social media websites like Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter are used by many companies to communicate with people.  Blogging by internal experts is becoming more and more popular for establishing a reputation among the community in an area of your choice. Even the company directors are completely aware of the benefits brought by all technology means.

However, there are also the negative sides of the technology revolution. There are people in companies who pointlessly surf the net, write personal blogs, and just generally waste the potential of the company’s technology resources. The question on whether or not to prohibit social networking on the workplace is subject to each company. You will have to determine how much, if not at all, you want to restrict the access of social websites. It is argued that sometimes overuse of computers can grow into sexual harassment on the workplace. For example, sexual explicit pictures on websites can lead to a complaint for sexual harassment, which will hurt not only the employee, but also the employers. As one, you must make sure that there your employees are restricted of using social networking at the workplace. Even better, you must establish guidelines for the employees to follow if you decide to grand them the freedom to access social media websites while at work. Internet and email policy are beneficial for the employers and they are not something to be taken lightly. Guidelines about these policies should focus on the following issues: personal blogging/networking while working, using the company logo on personal websites, making negative comments about company/customers, and jeopardizing the company’s reputation. Additionally, you might also prefer to establish a computer use policy which will guide employees when it will be appropriate for them to use company computers for personal needs and under what circumstances. Most importantly, this policy must state that it is prohibited to display images that can be interpreted as harassing or discriminatory. Employees must also be informed of the consequences they will face if they fail to confront with the computer, Internet and email policy.

In case of any problems, with the policies mentioned above, you can defend your company from law suits related to employees and also avoid expensive litigation. Technology can be a powerful tool for your company. However, if you do not take the necessary precautions and fail not to establish a computer email and internet policy, you will be faced with many problems. Some of those problems may turn out to be dangerous and even fatal for the company’s survival.


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